WordPress now powers 50% of sites hosted on Godaddy

In case you were wondering how busy we are at wordpress-boston and ntamtter, with WordPress user base growing exponentially each year, the need for reliable and pro WordPress developers is bibber than ever.

WordPress founders are also working in raising new capital to expand the operation. “According to Fortune magazine, Automattic, the company that runs blogging platforms WordPress.com and WordPress VIP, is out raising between $100 million and $150 million in new venture capital funding, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Based on the last stats released WordPress now powers 22% of the world’s websites, up from 19% last July., and powering 50% of all sites hosted on Godaddy, on of the largest hosting providers in the wold.

A few more interesting stats:

  • WordPress blogs are viewed bymore than 400 million people monthly, and
  • Wsers create more than 44 million posts each month.
  • At the service’s peak, roughly one year ago in March, that number was more than 49 million monthly posts.