Top reasons why so many Nonprofits Choose WordPress?

Nonprofit Organizations love how easy it is to create engaging online experiences with the WordPress platform.

1. WP is easy to install, easy to customize, and easy for non-technical staff to administer,

2. It is also incredibly flexible: it scales for organizations big and small, and can be customized to suit any needs. Free plugins can add almost any functionality from donations, newsletters subscriptions, to events, and more complex subscriptions platforms (some paid)

3. Is easily customizable. If you have a low budget your organization can pick a premium template and have a great looking site in no time. If you want something unique, you can hire us to create a fully custom theme.

4. Extremely SEO friendly.

5. WordPress allows you to be interactive. WP sites allow for easy discussion features, allowing fans, volunteers and staff to interact, and share the content. You can build forums, and even a social networks using WP profiles, and BuddyPress to allow for moderation and advanced features. When you have a way to reach out to your audience, and a way for them to engage with you, you develop a more connected relationship with your customers and thus a more long-term relationship.

6. Mobile ready. WordPress sites can be made mobile-ready with a click, and your staff can use the WordPress mobile applications to publish content from wherever they are. WordPress makes it easy to keep your site fresh and show your supporters how you’re making a difference.

In short, no matter what kind or size of organization you run, you can quickly build a site that keeps friends and donors coming back with WordPress.

Featured advantages:

    • Easy to update
    • Easy to maintain
    • Easy to customize
    • Quick learning curve
    • Budget friendly
  • Good support network