Top 5 established and successful companies using WordPress

For those who argue that WordPress can not power-large platform or large businesses here are a few example of companies using the power of WP to create large portals to engage with their users.

1. American Express is one of the most renowned financial companies in this world. They have selected WordPress to run and manage the Open Forum Community portal where users can register with the American Express Card.

2. TechCrunch, a popular online magazine with 15 millions of monthly visitors each month uses  a CMS WordPress based platform (they also use the high end VIP hosting provided directly by WordPress).

3.  GE Reports.  General Electric (GE)   primary press & news release platform is on …you guess right…WordPress.

4. Samsung. One of the leading companies dealing in electronics, Life Insurance, and other fields. Its USA News Portal is built upon WordPress. With a simple design, this portal has J2EE, jQuery, Thickbox and Image Map.

5. NFL. If you want to talk about big, we can not leave the NFL about.  This site have integrated Facebook, jQuery and IE Pinning framework with different analytics tools.

A few other companies using WP that you may have heard off…

  • CNN
  • CBS
  • TED
  • SONY
  • MTV