3 Myths about WordPress

  • WordPress isn’t safe enough for large businesses

    Any website, regardless of the CMS, can get attacked or hacked (as we have seen latety with Target, Godaddy, etc)  Large corporations have large dedicated teams focusing exclusively on preventing information stored on the Internet from being stolen, and even some of them got hacked. Is WordPress an easier target than other CMS or platform?

    The answer is that WordPress IS safe – so long as you take some basic precautions.

    The biggest threat is not WordPress itself, but how you use & maintain, in particular when it comes to plugins. Plugins run with administrator rights on your site, so if you run outdated plugins or developed by unreliable sources, the site will indeed become vulnerable. When you install a plugin you have to make sure that it was developed by a well ranked company, with great reviews. If you install for example a plugin with no updates since 1890, it is very likely that the code you are adding to your site will, indeed, open the door for hackers. WordPress plugins are as reliable as the authors behind them. Some plugin writers are careless hacks, but many are professional-grade coders who pay attention to standards and aim to support their projects for the long haul. The WordPress plugin rating system make it fairly easy to find the best plugin for a task.

  • WP can be slow for large quantity of database queries when too many users visit the site

    Cheap hosting providers can be slow. WordPress sites can be ultra fast . An optimized site and security so go with private hosting to eliminate these problems. If you have any doubts you can check large portals like techcrunch.com or Amex open portal, both powered by WordPress CMS.

  • WordPress is just for blogging.

    WordPress is a dynamic content management system. It is true that it started as a blogging platform, However, it has matured into a full content management system capable of everything from a small blog to enterprise-level web sites. Just ask AMEX, CNN, BBC America & Best Buy, to name a few.